Special Corporate Events

Do you aspire to give your staff, clients and VIP’s something special?

Our world class team of teambuildings organizers, logistics masters, speakers, trend hunters, and bespoke event experts are here to give you the most comprehensive and personal focused experience for your bespoke corporate projects and events.

For more than a decade SK Travel Prive has designed, planned, and delivered bespoke corporate events, teambuildings conferences, dinners, specialty training sessions with world leading experts, entertainers and international personalities for large and small group settings globally.


Corporate programs

Providing everything for perfect corporate events globally, we create tailor-made programs according to your company’s needs including entertainment, food, industry leading experts and world renowned speakers. Your exceptional event will be an unforgettable experience for your partners, employees, & clients alike.

At our disposal we have villas with spacious conference rooms and state-of-the-art presentation, communication technology & bilingual staff to ensure the smooth running of your event as well as large city spaces for corporate affairs, workshops and executive training. In addition to creating effective team building events, seminars, workshops and corporate programs, we also prepare leisure activities: Vespa rides, welcome drinks in medieval towers, opera with dinner packages, wine tasting in Chianti, city terrace drinks with music or Michelin dinner evening to suit your needs.

Team Buildings Ideas:


Enzo Ferrari Team Building

2022/ 3 days/ What was the founder of the most famous car manufacturer in the world? Learn more about his life and try a real adventure:
In the heart of the Ferrari Museum, we accompany our guests in captivating challenges based on speed and teamwork. In fact, with the activity of Pit Stop Experince, the corporate group will follow the steps of Ferrari tire replacement on an authentic original car. Guests can experience the thrill of driving a Ferrari race and compete with speed.

Cooking & Tasting Team Building

2022 /3 days | Good way how to be in close contact with the whole team and share the work. The participants are involved in the preparation of  Tuscan recipes and dishes.
The kitchen is an ideal environment for cooperation, relationship development, creativity, the communication,  the management of time and resources of a working group. As a result of a constructive activity, it is an excellent alternative to the simple business dinner.

Expedition in the carrara marble quarries with 4×4 vehic

2022 /3 days  This exciting and adventurous expedition that your employees should definitely experience!  Board a Jeep to explore the massive open-air quarries and underground mines. Definitely recommende this tour for all of the thrill-seekers and others like me that just want to know how things work. Super impressive, stunning views, and just a lot of fun in general!

Milan Team building

2022/3 days | Milan is a business center of Italy and at the same time a place of many interesting attractions, performances, concerts and activities for companies. An attractive football match is a great tip for the evening! Try with ypor group the largest aero gravity tunnel of its type in the world. Experience all the thrill of jumping out of an aircraft without any of the risks. The perfect team-bonding activity from groups of all ages and fitness levels.

Ancient football

23, 24/6/2022 | Ancient football is a traditional game that has its roots in the past, born in Florence in the 13th century, is a combination of football, rugby and wrestling, which nowadays is played in historical costumes.

Horse racing Palio

16/8/2022 | The Palio di Siena is the most famous historical horse race in Italy which takes place every year. It is a traditional competition between Contrade of medieval origin that goes on from 1633 to today.


10-13/4/2022 | The Vinitaly International Wine and Spirits Show represents the excellence of Italian production, promoted all over the world. Offers the best brands of wine and spirits.

Concorso d’Eleganza

20-22/5/2022 | Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is one of the most exclusive motoring gatherings in the world. Apart from the extraordinary vehicles on display, the guests themselves are the stars of the show.

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